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Friday, 22 July 2011

"Swim & Steam" pictures by Damien Peyret were exhibited on the wall at the swimming pool in Kópavogur

"Swim & Steam" pictures by Damien Peyret

one day, my friend and fellow David Baillot said to me.
"Obviously the mental connection was water+Reykjavik=Keiko but although these pictures step on one of your 'pet subjects' it's done with what I think is a pretty different approach, less about the elements and how they mix and more about the winding down of people, peaceful but as ethereal as your work."

i do agree with what david says. and i think i was already inspired/effected by Damien Peyret pictures.
that doesn't mean i take pictures like him, no. but i would learn the mind and will and spirit from his pictures and take them in me so that my way of shooting goes better to reach to the people more.
( i like the "Swim & Steam" polaroid pictures by Damien Peyret very much. very much. )


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  1. My unfortunate equation does your work no justice... I think it's actually a lot more complicated, it also has a lot to do with how you find your place in the environments you capture on film and how people, locations seem to welcome your eye.