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Friday, 22 July 2011

icelandic moments in Kópavogur swimming pool

swimmig pool in Kópavogur.
this one is as my first experienced icelandic swimming pool in 2004.
so happy to come back here :)

また戻ってこれてうれしい。wonder Icelandにも一番載っているプール。
i love the border between water and sky when i swim the crawl, when i'm breathing. i enjoy it in and out.

50m pool, i need to swim hard to reach another side!

but when i made it, many dandelions blossom on a green hill :) i was thankful:)

lovely warm waterfall Jacuzzi ahhh :)

42℃ hotpot this one is my favorite :)

the hotpot getting crowded in the evening

and today. i talked with a man in a bath. he said his also doing photography and seems to loving swimming pools in iceland so much as well. i asked his favorite recommend pool and he gave me the special one in the Westfjords area... but the place name sounds toooo difficult for me to remember. even besides his name is very difficult to catch with my ears... mmm... in the icelandic swimming pools, i sometimes talked with someone (sometimes someone nicely talked to me :)but i don't have any pen and papers. brain memory is the only way to keep things. anyway, this time, i found he is working at the museum i was just planning to go on this weekend. whoa! this is very handy occasion! so i'll bring pen and papers and map to the museum to know his & pool's names.

i really think, all of those special happenings are... just so icelandic. soooo icelandic!! only happened in iceland for me so far.


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