Artist in Residence 2011-2012 in Iceland
supported by The POLA ART FOUNDATION "Grants for Young Artists Overseas Study"

Sunday, 7 August 2011

owen, nick and edward. university students from bristol the UK... "this coincidence is powerful"

at the place i was taking pinhole photos, i met three british students researching the rivers, owen, nick and edward. the car i saw from the road was their car. so i thought 'they let me bring here, thank you!'. i was occupied with my project shooting then, but i was also very curious what they were doing there, and they seemed to be very curious what i was doing there as well (no wonder why...). so we chatted little bit. then we found several similarities strangely on our each very different type of projects!! they seemed to be surprised at this coincidence happened in this specific out of the ordinary place. haha! i am actually very used to encountering this kind of surprising coincidence in iceland;) but of course, still i liked it very much:) also i liked the sentence edward said "this coincidence is powerful"....hmm! nice phrase! "this coincidence is powerful"... their research trip will go up to the glacier! a big project! i am very sure we will meet again at some point on our each travels, so when its happened, i'd love to ask more about what they do!



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