Artist in Residence 2011-2012 in Iceland
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

4th day. in the valley, to go down to the river, we have to go down on the steep....!

i wanted to go down the steep to the river side in this valley. to take pinhole photos for my new project... i asked to Kristmundur to drive me to find a good place for it... i tried to find out way to go down, looked around carefully from the car window. it looked very difficult.... Then!! i surely saw a car stopped on the bank down there!! and some people were walking around!!! there must be a road that a car can drive down!!! it was the other side of the valley though, i asked to Kristmundur "could you please take me down there?" He said "ok i think now i know where you are talking about... very sure ok!" whoa!! it was the land of his friends farmer! he knew the place very well!!! whoa!! but he had to drive all the way to the bridge first this side, then across the river valley, and again all the way same direction drive back on the other side... oh Thank you so much Kristmundur!!! i was so glad. i think this is the perfect place to work :D

it looks not that difficult to go down to the river from the distance...
indeed, very steepy steep along the river!
checking the location...
P8082872 1
went across the bridge
all the way went back same direction (on the other side of the valley) again
finally went down the steep road to the bank!


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