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Friday, 19 August 2011

my very precious pendant has gone. missing … i believe it means i've got a new something very special instead.



i usually don't lose my belongings, ( i think it's because i usually care for them so preciously). But i have the only situations of my belongings were mystically missing or broken… it happened when i was onto something very special, when i was at the very big moments affecting me so much… i found that's my superstitious "lucky jinx".

this time, on the 2weeks travel in North, my pendant-head was lost in somewhere maybe in Blanda Valley. when i noticed, the chain was broken and the pendant-head was missing. it was my treasure more or less with a special meaning to me… but now it has gone…. i believe that means, along my superstition, i could get so very important something in there so that i had to lost very precious something instead…

in other words... the 2 weeks experiences in North made me a better person maybe. yes indeed i think i almost became a different person in those 2weeks. i step-upped to the next stage or something like that, so now i can say good-bye and thank you to my pendant supported me to come here…(oh... so cheap sounds! if i tried to explain it in language…)

the thing i lost was a pendant this time. so personal staff. but not always like that, maybe usually more functional staff. for ex. my 5 years old winter boots were broken last time in Myvatn, 4 years old suitcase was broken at my first exhibition in iceland, my tripod / mobile / digital camera / toy camera / were broken at my big shootings each time, or lends cap / 10 year old scarf / memorial bangle were missing etc etc… when they were broken / lost, i thought they let me remind, i was onto something special for me that time.

mmm… this idea is maybe coming from a japanese culture of amulets... which are not only for lucky charms but sometimes they protect us with their sacrifice… i'm not sure… and i don't know why i tried so hard to explain this… but i strongly believe it, or my spirit believes it, this a bit irrational but very mythical superstitious "lucky jinx" , i believe it very much somehow.

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