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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

( Kerlingarfjöll … for my memo)

on the way between reykjavik and Hveravillir, there's a place called Kerlingarfjöll. i had no idea for this place until the bus stopped, but i found, it may be very nice place to stay. if i have a chance, maybe i will try to come back here to stay for a couple of nights… maybe next summer before my stay will finish… (the bus runs only between June - Aug, so does the hut... crossed fingers)

somehow i like this river near Kerlingarfjöll a lot. it looks like dancing human being shape, isn't it?

レイキャビークとHveraveilirのバスの旅の途中で、 Kerlingarfjöll っていうところを通過する。この場所、バスが止まるまで全く知らなかったけど、なにやらとてもよさそうな場所な予感がする。もし機会があるのなら、ここにも滞在してみたいな。たぶん、機会があるとしたら来年の、わたしのレジデンス生活が終わる直前だな。

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