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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

i think about this and that while listening to the radio news in icelandic. (with the fragrance from swimming pool on my body)


fragrance from swimming pool on my body after swimming/bathing there. its so lovely:)

my icelandic aunt was listening to the radio (in icelandic) on a sofa. i also laid down on a sofa in a cozy. though i didn't understand what the radio broadcasting, i found it was so comfortable in the "sound" of icelandic . but sometimes, i picked up the words like "Oslo" "Norge" "Amy Winehouse"...

i haven't be able to accept amy winehouse 27 year-old death... i was so shocked and sorry... R.I.P..

and about Oslo terrorism... its so sad. so so extremely sad... same as everyone i was disgusted with what's happened, what he did… and also, for me personally, i was so shocked why he did it. he tried to get rid of (muslim) immigration.... now i'm just visiting Icelandic immigration office to get my residence permit here. (not really permanent immigration but still, staying for a year). i didn't understand at all why for that reason, so many young norwegian people had to be killed, but i couldn't help feeling even guilt for them. would you think i'm invading your world? so sad feelings. and sentimental.


hey! look! a seagull on the top of the church cross!
he/she looked around very carefully and sharply many times this way and that way.i would like to ask to him/her what are you looking at? what are you checking? what are you holding in your mind? how are you?
after for a while he/she opened his/her beautiful wings, then flied away in to the distance.


today it was so windy and rain.
by the way, when i lived in london, english, as my second language, was sometimes regarded as just only 'sound' not as language when i didn't pay attention. but here in iceland, i think 'icelandic' took part of the 'sound' for me, then i noticed, 'english' is no longer the sound but recognized as the language contain meanings. i thought it was very curious.

my thoughts are with not only Japanese but also with Norwegians (and people from the rest of the world) from iceland . . . best regards keiko x

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