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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

what a surprise!!! here at krafla station, reunion with my new friend Ágústa who i just met 2weeks ago at blanda power station.

2weeks ago, at blanda station, i was wondering who is that beautiful lady and what does she do there in kind of middle of nowhere??? (and of course she was curious who i am and what i was doing there!!). the girl is Ágústa works at The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (Landgræðsla ríkisins) and she stayed there as her basecamp. She's kept her works and journey for those 2 weeks and this time, at Krafla, she joined with her work fellows. it was so nice to see her again there with other nice people :D i was very very curious about their works, collecting many many samples of soil and vegetation, from the highland. (must be so hard work…!) they invite me to visit their office in south iceland !!! i would like to definitely make it!! I have to!!


すごいびっくりした。2週間前にBlanda水力発電所で出会った女の子と、今回はKrafla地熱発電所で再会した!!出会った時は(あのかわいい女の子はいったいこんなところで何してるんだ?)って私は思って、彼女も(あの日本人の女の子ここで何してるの?)って思ってて 笑。彼女は、コンサベーション団体っていうのかな、自然保護団体?で働いているÁgústaで、ハイランドの土とか植物のサンプルを採取している。発電所をベースキャンプにしながら、2週間前からずっとサンプル採取を続けてて、今回はここKrafla発電所で同僚達と合流していたらしい。Ágústaとこんな形で再会できたこと、とてもうれしかったし、彼女達の仕事にとても興味津々。今度、自然保護団体のオフィスに来なよ!って言ってもらえたから、絶対訪れるぞ。

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