Artist in Residence 2011-2012 in Iceland
supported by The POLA ART FOUNDATION "Grants for Young Artists Overseas Study"

Saturday, 27 August 2011

i met Whales. it was a significant momentous beautiful experience.

they are majestic creatures. i felt their breathing rhythm closely. their breathing cycle is slower than ours. soooo slowly, soooo calmly, breathing spout, back into the underwater, come up to the surface and breath… Steinn told me, when they filled up their lung with air, they go into deep diving (showing their tails) and they can dive up to 200m and remain underwater 15-30mins… whoa… i saw only tiny part of their look, but so great touching, so wonderful feeling. they were maybe humpback whales. ahhh… w h a l e s.

くじらに会った。体のほんの一部を見ただけなんだけど、とても雄大な体験で、さらにそれより、彼らの呼吸を近くで感じられたことがすごかった。呼吸のリズムは私たちよりだいぶゆーっくりしたペースで、吸って、はいて、になるのかな?潮をふいて… もぐって… また浮かんで潮をふいて… もぐって… をゆーっくり何回か繰り返してた。船の上でSteinnが教えてくれた話によると、肺の中に空気がいっぱいになったら、しっぽを水上に出して垂直に潜っていくんだよって。彼らはたぶんザトウクジラで200mくらいまで潜れて、1回もぐったら15〜30分くらい水中にいるんだって。あぁ…。く じ ら。


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