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Monday, 29 August 2011

owen, nick and edward again!!!

3 weeks ago near at Blanda power station, three british students researching the rivers, owen, nick and edward. they've kept their research for those 3 weeks and also traveled to near krafla! so today, they picked me up at Krafla station and sheared their day off with me (and with my red suitcase filled with my camera stuff :)

3週間前に Blanda発電所の近くで出会ったイギリスのブリストルから来た学生3人、ニック、オーウェン、エドワード。あれから彼らもリサーチを続け、Krafla近くに移動してて、今日はデイオフ(お休み)だから、合流して一緒に過ごした。(カメラとか入ってる私の赤いスーツケースも一緒)


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